Review: Saal Digital Wall Decors

Straight off I was really impressed by the quality of the canvas. It has been stretched and mounted perfectly and the resulting product is surprisingly light (which makes it incredibly easy to mount). The print quality is simply stunning. The colours are as rich and vivid as the photos I took for it and the detail is fantastic. There’s also the texture of canvas which comes through without dominating in any way (something that a low-quality canvas can have issues with).

Delivery and packing matter when buying online and Saal have this down to an art. The layers of recycled card kept my canvas safe on its journey from Europe with the thin layer of film inside holding it in place. Delivery costs were very reasonable too, especially with it being such a large parcel!

Negatives? I could say cost, Saal is certainly not a bargain basement printers. I was given a voucher to use to buy my canvas and whilst I can see it would usually be quite expensive I am now far more appreciative of the quality of the final product. They say you get what you pay for, and here I can see what they mean.

This canvas for me has a lot of happy memories and I’m really glad that it has been printed using techniques and materials of the highest quality. Saal is a company I would trust with my most important print jobs and will certainly look at using again in the future.

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