The Shetland Guide

“How would I describe Shetland? The word beautiful is pretty bland but fits. Barren and windswept, it’s pretty wild and yet open and… I don’t know really.”
– Ali Laver (resident of the island of Trondra)

Shetland is a shockingly gorgeous place, with stunning landscapes dominated by rock and sea. This archipelago of islands plonked 60°N, are long and thin and surrounded to the east by the North Sea and to the West by the Atlantic Ocean.

This is my guide to Shetland. Far less useful than anything else provided, far more biased, but with some photos and hopefully some gentle humour. It isn’t comprehensive but if you are visiting the Islands hopefully it will give you some ideas and inspiration.

Transportation Links

The People

  • Shopping
  • Places to eat/drink
  • Cinema (Mareel)
  • Churches

Places to Visit

  • Croft House Museum
  • Bonhoga Gallery
  • Fort Charlotte
  • Kergord
  • Scalloway Castle & Museum
  • Clickimin Broch
  • Mousa
  • Shetland Museum & Archives
  • Brilliant Beaches

Local Wildlife

Please note that this guide has no affiliation to the Shetland Times. This is unusual in Shetland.