Transport Links

People have been arriving in Shetland by boat since the Vikings, well probably far earlier, though today’s tourists are a lot more friendly! In this modern age, you can sometimes even arrive by plane – as long as there is no fog.

Once you are here getting around Shetland is easy by car using the A970, but there is also a part time bus service. Many people love to walk and ride bikes around Shetland and there are boats you can catch to many of the more remote islands.

Flying to Shetland

Flying is the easy and comparatively quick way of getting to Shetland. It is however expensive, especially if you have baggage (and you will have baggage because cabin bags sizes are tiny on these airlines).
Flybe to Shetland
Loganair to Shetland

Getting the boat to Shetland

The boat is great but takes a very long time, around twelve hours. It does have the benefit of being able to take a car and if you are brave enough to “sleep like a local” i.e. on the floor with pillow and sleeping bag, you’ll save yourself a large chunk of the cost. The boat leaves from Aberdeen in the evening and arrives in Lerwick the next morning at 7.30am.
NorthLink Ferries to Shetland

Inter-island ferries

One of the most awesome things about Shetland is visiting the different islands. Unst is well worth a trip (you can take the car) as is Mousa (see places to visit). There are many other places to visit and the fares are all very reasonable.
Shetland Islands Council – Ferry Services