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When you’re living out the boot of your car, during your epic summer road trip, it can be hard to keep up appearances. Growing a beard might be ok for some but I prefer not to have the tan lines when the inevitable back to work shave happens. Unfortunately, wet shaves make my skin burn and the electric razor always runs out of juice!

Step up Harry’s. I have heard about Harry’s over the past few years on the RELEVANT podcast as one of their main sponsors. Harry’s have high-quality products that are sent directly to the customer to keep prices low. They recently launched into Great Britain and I thought I’d give the trial a go.

Firstly, they’ve got the packaging down to a tee. The product is fantastically presented, the shaving information is brief and written in a whimsical manner. In the trial you get The Truman razor handle with a blade cartridge (which they are very keen you know is German engineered!), a small bottle of luxurious shave gel and a very useful travel cover to snap over the blade when in transit.

Secondly, the supplied gel is immense, it creates a great foam that cushions during the shave. Even with my sensitive skin, I felt refreshed post-shave which was most unexpected but very welcome! I’m going to be upgrading my future shave plans to include the gel every time.

Finally, the razor itself. Included with the trial is The Trueman, a weighted razor handle with a rubberized texture that is easy to grip during shaving. The 5 blades are mounted on a flexible hinge with a lubricating strip that delivers a close and comfortable shave. I was amazed at just how smooth my skin was afterwards, great job!

I am surprised at just how much I have appreciated Harry’s trial, they’ve got a new customer who is looking forward to a tan line free face this summer.

You can get your own Harry’s trial for just the £2.95 UK delivery.

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