Wildlife is in abundance from the instantly recognisable puffins and grey seals to the namesake pony and plethora of sea birds. There are also lots of farm animals to be seen and heard across the islands. The sheep especially sound like groups of humans screaming from a far away hill…

Hermaness National Nature Reserve (NNR)

If you’re a birdwatcher (or even if you’re not – I’m not and I totally fell for this place!) Hermaness on Unst is well worth the two ro-ro ferry journey, at about £15 return. You’ll see a huge variety of cliffbirds from gulls and gannets to terns, kittiwakes and skuas, all set in the incredible surroundings of the most northernly point of the United Kingdom.

The Visitor centre has serve yourself tea and coffee making facilities as well as a little museum and information on recent sightings. It really does feel as though you are standing at the end of the world by the time you are looking over Muckle Flugga lighthouse – make sure you allow 3-4 hours to enjoy it all fully.

(I blogged about visiting Hermaness in 2017 here)