12 books I’m reading this Summer

There’s nothing quite like a good book whilst lying on a beach or sat with a hot mug of cocoa on a comfy chair. Each year I try to line up a selection of books to read and I’ve provided the links to buy them, just in case you’re interested in any of them too.

Lee Child has been one of my favourite authors for a while and, whilst I’m having to wait till November for the next full-length instalment of Jack Reacher, this collection of 12 (Yes!) short Reacher stories previously only available as e-books are perfect for evening reading.

Click here to buy No Middle Name on Amazon.co.uk

I’m not going to lie, I’m expecting controversy here, but then I’ve never been one to shy away from reading books that might not fit my neat little view of life. Rob Bell has written a number of books on faith issues, many of which seem to have landed him in hot water. Last year, however, I read What We Talk About When We Talk About God and found myself furiously agreeing with everything he wrote so I’m looking forward to this offering about the Bible and its application to daily life.

Click here to buy What Is the Bible on Amazon.co.uk

Orphan X was one of those rare books which I grabbed at the airport with very little expectation and loved. The Nowhere Man is the sequel and that is purely the reason I bought it. If it can live up to even a bit of the series opener there could be a new favourite author in the mix.

Click here to buy The Nowhere Man on Amazon.co.uk

I have loved Terry Pratchett since hearing Diggers being read to me back as an impressionable 8-year-old! This is a recommendation of a friend and it seemed appropriate to be reading as I head into Scotland.

Click here to buy The Wee Free Men on Amazon.co.uk

Dirty Glory is a summer re-read because I loved it the first time around and feel like there is still a lot more to get out of it. Following on from Red Moon Rising (perhaps one of the most influential books on my life) Dirty Glory is Pete Grieg’s memoir from the past 15 years of living a life of faith and prayer.

Click here to buy Dirty Glory on Amazon.co.uk


I always pick a book aimed at children for my summer reading list – maybe it’s a hangover from my degree in Childhood Fiction – and this one looks very interesting: Quantum physics, death, bananas and a lot of big questions… could turn out to be the pick of the pile!

Click here to buy The Many Worlds of Albie Bright on Amazon.co.uk

Dorothy Must Die was a revelation when I first read it a few years ago and now, 3 books and a dozen or so short stories later, I am finally reaching the climax. Though it’s wondered a little, Paige’s written style is very engaging and she has a good set of characters here. Her twist of Baum’s universe is insanely clever and I’ll be a little sad to say goodbye at the end.

Click here to buy The End of Oz on Amazon.co.uk

Donald Miller is an incredible author, who has that knack of telling a story with humour and intelligence. In Scary Close he shared about dropping the act of living to actually live, here he looks at the difference between following a set of ideologies and having a relationship. Looks interesting.
Click here to buy Searching for God Knows What on Amazon.co.uk

It’s essential to have a classic on the list each year and I’m going for Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four which, due to the almost too clever cover design, you might not have guessed from the picture. It is incredibly well written, and at points, you have to remind yourself that this book was published in 1949 and yet scarily reads as a commentary on society today.

Click here to buy Nineteen Eighty-Four on Amazon.co.uk

I read my first Ann Cleeves book purely because I’d been to visit Shetland and heard a lot about her. Now I’m a fan and this latest book continues to build on the world of Detective Jimmy Perez using locations both real and additional to the islands. The TV series might be good, the books are better.

Click here to buy Cold Earth on Amazon.co.uk

This isn’t a front to back read, more of a guide for when I hit the road this summer. Packed full of ideas for accommodation, food and attractions, it’s a comprehensive guide – though it could do with a few more pictures!

Click here to buy Scotland The Best on Amazon.co.uk


Whilst I can usually be found with a copy of The Message, this edition of Word is presented is a thematic New Testament presented in a magazine style format. It’s very readable with explanation points, articles and beautiful photographic illustration throughout. I’ll be found dipping into this most mornings and evenings.

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