#Alba18 Day 9 – Eternal Sunshine of the Shetland mind

A lovely hanging around with friends day today that started with a half marathon jog over to Bannaminn beach, a stunning beach at the end of West Burra that leads out to the Kettla Ness peninsula. I had never appreciated quite how much elevation there are on these routes I am used to driving and with the wind behind me on the way out it made for a tough latter half!

Heading over to Fladderbister we enjoyed some sunshine sat out on the balcony overlooking the sea and then headed for a walk. I also got a chance to visit my favourite farm shop – Mackenzie’s – who do the best chai latte in Shetland and their muckle burger was pretty darn good too!

I headed into Lerwick for a few touristy stops: the Shetland Fudge Company who create “puffin poo” bites of white Belgian chocolate with toasted rice and mallow, rolled in coconut; and the Shetland Soap Company who produce both of my favourite fragrances – chilled oot and crofters. With my wallet considerably lighter I headed back to the booth to cook up some tea and watch an evening movie.

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