#Alba18 Day 8 – The Muppets Birthday Celebration

Today has been Phil’s birthday and started with an early morning wake up call from the children for presents, cards and bacon rolls!

After breakfast and gifts we headed to the Stones of Stofast, massive stones that overlook a couple of lochs and the sea in the North East of the mainland. It was a fairly hilly walk that would have been boggy as had the weather not been so fantastic this summer. The walk itself took in some good summits, incredible views and a bit of a climb on the huge stones themselves. The journey back had a bit of added excitement as the road tried to subside on me at one point – thankfully managed to keep control of the car but could see the break in the asphalt behind.

The afternoon brought pizza party an family over to Trondra. As the weather was so glorious we ate outside in the garden enjoying the sunshine. There was also a massive Ali cake, this year a rainbow centred Beaker of massive proportions! Very tasty but extremely filling – I still haven’t finished my slice…

We headed over to Tingwall Hall for a messy church afternoon with some activities, songs and tea (I could barely manage a cup – the cake was still defeating me). Then back to the house for Phil’s movie night.

A lovely, celebratory day.

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