#Alba18 Day 10 – Red Panda Day

Red Pandas are always so relaxed; chilling, eating or sleeping. Today has been a day filled with that, time with friends chilling, a nap (or two!) and some good food.

We headed into Lerwick this morning to visit the Library and search for some Shetland Rocks with the bairns. This took us all over town including a number of play parks, Fort Charlotte (with its cannons still facing the harbour) and finishing with lunch in the new Havly cafe.

The afternoon was spent at the booth, heading over to Scalloway to visit my favourite butchers for some Irn Bru and sweet chilli sausages for dinner. I then whipped up some Shetland Mess (local raspberries/strawberries with whipped cream, meringue and puffin poo) which the children wolfed down!

A red panda day, but a good day.

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