#Alba18 Day 11 – Pirates of the Burraibbean

Today we headed out to Hamnavoe on Burra to find a cave spoken about in local lore but discoverable on no map! Known as the smugglers’ cave, directions have been handed from local to local and those given to us simply said – “follow the limpets.” I was sceptical but, to be fair, the limpet trail led us pretty much directly there! The cave has a rope ladder mounted into the rock and led into a reasonably large cave.

Not far away there was also a natural swimming pool at the bottom of one of the cliffs, bit of a scramble, but filled by the ocean and heated by the rocks it’s slightly warmer than the water splashing just a few metres away!

In the afternoon I headed out for a few bits to get ready for a few adventures ahead. A trip to get petrol involved taking out a small mortgage (140per litre) but they chucked in a tin of Irn Bru to ease the pain! I also grabbed some pasta for tea and am now sat watching a shower blow over whilst watching a film. The nights here are stunning – the light takes such a long time to fade compared to down south – and the stars are far clearer.

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