#Alba18 Day 12 – Five go on an adventure up north

A day in the North East today as we piled into to my car for a trip to Eshaness – part of geopark Shetland and provider of some stunning cliffs, beaches and rock formations.

We headed up to Eshaness Lighthouse and walked along Caulders Geo before heading to the Loch of Houlland and it’s Iron Age broch. The broch has a little island next to it and there is a set of stepping stones over a former causeway which was lots of fun for the children (and adults too)!

After a trip to Braewick Cafe for scones and tea we headed to Hillswick a lovely village with a community shop, beautiful gardens and a stunning beach. With blue skies and roaring waves there was plenty of time to enjoy the sun, build stone towers and climb.

A return through Brae and a visit to Frankies topped off a great day – Chips and a wonderful bit battered haddock (caught by Guardian Angell LK272) in Britain’s most northerly fish & chip shop.

A great day with the Lavers in a very wonderful part of these islands.

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