Review: Zno’s Little Timeline Book

I’ve been a fan of Zno since they were called Artisan Slate and have always appreciated the high quality of their work, so it was with great joy that I saw they were offering a printed book version of my Instagram feed. Obviously, you don’t have to buy mine, indeed you can’t, but I was intrigued and so decided to have a look. 100 pages cost just $10 and international delivery is $2, so around £10 altogether which straight away struck me as excellent value for money.

Designing was a breeze, first, you download the free app and link your Instagram/Facebook account. Then it’s simply a matter of choosing a front cover and excluding any pictures you don’t want in your book. Zno takes care of adding information from the feed such as date and location. You can also choose to have what you wrote along with the pictures; I decided against it as pages of hashtags I am happy to forgo.

My Little Timeline Book took just over a week to come, a few days after the stated arrival date. And I love it! It’s a super size, the weight and quality of the paper is excellent and the printing is gorgeous. It was something I was quick to show off to my friends and I will certainly look at continuing my collection (which is done on the app all in the same way and at the same price). It is an excellent product and I love that my memories are to hand even when the internet is done!

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