#Scotland17 Day Nine: Cora the explorer

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Having visited Skara Brae last week, this week saw a trip to Shetland’s premier historic site – Jarlshof. Within a stone throw from the airport, Jarlshof is an amazing site packing in thousands of years and years of history in an incredibly accessible manner.

For me, this site not only exceeded expectations but also blew what I’d seen on Orkney out of the park. From Mesolithic to Norse the remains that can be explored are immense and, thanks to a very detailed audio guide, you can get detailed insight into the way these former dwellings were built and used. It’s also a great exploring place for children!

The other highlight of the day was a trip to the recently opened Mackenzie’s Farm Shop and Cafe. A bucket of quality Chai Latte for £2 is always going to top a great day, and the accompanying aero mint cheesecake didn’t hurt!

Shetlandic word of the day: Stoal – a legend

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