#Scotland17 Day Two: Castles

“Well, we’ve got tons of history lying about the place, big old castles, and they just get in the way. We’re driving– “Oh… castle! Have to drive around it.” Disney came over and built Euro Disney, and they built the Disney castle there, and it was, “You better make it a bit bigger, they’ve actually got them here… And they’re not made of plastic!” We got tons of them, ‘cause you think we all live in castles, and we do all live in castles! We all got a castle each. We’re up to here with castles! We just long for a bungalow or something.”
– Eddie Izzard

Day two, two castles! I decided not to go the Edinburgh route for this road trip as it is a path well travelled – indeed one of my earliest memories is walking up Arthur’s seat with my Great Gran and the zoo pics are still some of my favourite captures. Instead of hitting the capital I decided to skirt around the edge and head to Stirling Castle, nipping back across to Castle Campbell (the family name of the aforementioned Gran) before arriving in Perth for the evening. The castles were contrasting and both beautiful in their own right. Whilst Campbell was a shell, it had lots of nooks, crannies and the views were simply breath taking. Stirling was chock full of information, and I’m sure if I was more into my Scottish history I would have read/learnt a lot more!

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