#Alba18 Day 4 – The great St. Andrews golf snobbery

“Golf is a good walk spoiled.” – Oscar Wilde

Today I headed to St. Andrews one of Scotland’s busiest cities and a place where parking is at a premium. I learnt from my father that it’s better to park away from somewhere and walk in if it’s free, but I had to pay for parking away and still walk in here! Tourism is obviously a major industry and with a huge student population (including many exchanges during the summer) and the international home of golf, this city is heaving.

My destinations were St. Andrews Castle and St. Andrews Cathedral, two buildings that though not what they once were are still full of story and very interesting. The first had a great audio tour that told the story of the castle in a dramatic style. The latter was insanely busy, but I still managed to get a few shots.

After a walk down to the golf course for a cup of tea (and a nosy amongst the posh people), I headed over to Broughty to see Broughty castle and have a sit on the beach. The sun was out on the estuary and it was really very lovely. The afternoon saw me in Forfar for my final night before the boat tomorrow. I took the chance to try out Forfar Bridie as well as visit an exhibition of Beano cartoons in the local museum – all very lovely. A walk around Forfar Loch guaranteed I am sure to sleep well tonight!

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