#Alba18 Day 3 – The fast and the felicitous

“Today’s rain is tomorrow’s whisky” – Scottish Proverb

After yesterday’s excitement, today saw more travelling on the card with a couple of Historic Scotland site visits en route. It also gave me an opportunity to drive in some rather ferocious conditions through the Ettrick Valley and the chance to go over the recently opened Queensferry Forth bridge crossing after my night in the middle of nowhere!

First up was Dunfermline Abbey and Palace birthplace of Charles I and burial place of Robert Bruce. An intriguing web of a site there was lots to explore and loads of information boards to read. The cellars were especially moody and the Nave of the Abbey stands in incredible contrast to the adjoined current Abbey church.

Next, I headed along the coast to Aberdour Castle and Gardens, an intriguing property with a truly old castle and more modern one attached (only 400 years or so old). One of the standout features was the doocot – a strange beehive looking building, that would have housed around 600 pigeons for food, eggs and fertiliser… ugh!

The final act of the day was a drive along the coastal road to Leven through many, many 20mph zones! Leven itself is a very quaint seaside town with a sandy beach and golf courses galore. I went for a run and paddle then explored the town which has many more modern features than I’ve had the past few days! Time to stock up and get petrol too.

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