#Alba18 Day 14 – Bressay with a vengeance

A second trip over to Bressay Parkrun this morning though the weather was far harsher than last week! With 50mph gusts and lashing rain forecast it wasn’t going to be quite so pleasant as last week… thankfully it was a headwind on the way out and tail on the return. Whilst I came 5th a far more impressive feat was Ali, in her first ever parkrun, breaking the 30 minute barrier! Awesome achievement.

After a strong rain shower and a choppy ferry back, we headed back to the house for PB brunch and some relaxing.

In the afternoon Phil and I headed over to Lerwick for a walk along the Sletts, past the Knab, along Twageos (including DI Jimmy Perez’s house) and through town. All the while we were blown around like the waves in the bay and sound around us. We finished at Fjarå for a chai and jammie dodger blondie – incredible pleasant place and very lovely atmosphere looking out at the waves.

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