#Scotland17 Day Six: Angry Vikings!

“Der little lea anunder a lang-backit sea (Translation: The rolling ocean provides no shelter in a storm)” – Traditional Shetland Proverb

I have arrived into Shetland and back to some familiar territory. Welcomed by the Lavers and extended family over much tea and sumptuous bacon rolls, I feel exhausted by the journey yet exhilarated by my arrival!

Whilst the day was dominated by the recovery of my shaky sea legs, after a “proper” sort-out of the car and some unpacking we did manage to get over to Hoswick Visitor Centre for a bite of lunch. I claimed the final piece of sassermeat and there were some grand tray bakes to hand with lashings of tea.

The centre also boasted a number of costumes from the various Up Helly Aa celebrations from across the island, as well as props and video footage. This was greatly exciting, especially seeing familiar faces all decked out and hearing a bit more of the story of this incredible series of Viking themed events, especially from a local perspective. Now for some sleep, and this time not whilst rocking from side to side!

Shetlandic word of the day: Canty – feeling lighthearted or happy.

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