#Scotland17 Day Seventeen: Beverly Hillswick, 90210

“Happiness is a sunny day.” – Charles Schulz

A day up in the north west of Shetland at Hillswick, a 30-minute drive up the A970 from Lerwick. And what a drive! The scenery is incredible. Cutting across lochs, around hills and undulating through valleys – at one point the Atlantic to your left and North sea to your right, a spit of road between the two. We pulled into Brae for a Co-op stop and grabbed some warm bakery products and Phil’s 10 am chocolate bar.

Arriving in Hillswick we parked by the Wildlife Sanctuary, sadly closed to tend to some sick seals, before walking through to the beach. It was glorious. There was sand, there was the sun, there was cool clear water on my feet. Heavenly. We enjoyed lots of time playing in the sand, amongst the stones, in the water and just sitting in the warmth. I couldn’t believe we had such a brilliant beach to ourselves on a day like that – madness!

We had a very late lunch at Braewick Cafe which has a remarkable view of The Drongs, well worth a trip off the beaten park. Food is simple but solid if a little pricey. The Braewick Burger is a winner though, with a handmade square patty and red cheese topped. Tasty!

Shetlandic word of the day: SHALDER – oyster catcher (Haematopus ostralegus).

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