Run the wild: Summer 10K series

Run The Wild have been putting on “trail run adventures” since 2013. They don’t organise races, instead offering opportunities for runners to explore incredible landscapes through trail running, in the UK and abroad. As their motto says, “Exploring places… not running races.”

The kit list initially freaked me out slightly but after a quick email to make sure what was actually needed – a lightweight top, water, phone and decent shoes – I was ready to go.

We met with our lead runners by Musette Cafe on the outskirts of Albury, Hertfordshire. They were really friendly and knew their stuff, making sure we felt welcome and ready to take part. After a quick briefing, we set off.

The training as we went around was excellent. The lead runners gave pointers on trail running techniques as well as giving overviews on physical and mental fitness. There was so much to take in on the undulating route around the beautiful countryside (they vary their routes each time – but there are always hills!)

Sadly, the cafe was extremely busy and the food took forever to arrive! But that didn’t put me off the Run The Wild experience. I signed up for the second event and will be looking out for these again next year. I’ve seen the improvement in my running and it was a great value event. Find out more about Run The Wild and what they have to offer here.

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