#Lufbra22 Day 7 – It’s good to Calke

Styled as the “unstately home and country estate”, Calke Abbey is a gem of a National Trust property located south of Derby. Its extensive grounds, good facilities and large car park make it a great visit for people of all ages.

The house itself comes across as a bit of a hoarding nightmare! There are so many bizarre objects and random pieces of paraphernalia littered around the property it has quite an overwhelming effect. Nic was convinced that was haunted by the thousands of stuffed dead animals that adorn a number of the rooms!

The gardens are the real highlight of the property, a great mix of meadow, walled and open fields. There were so many interesting varieties of trees, plants and shrubs, helpfully labelled by the trusty NT gardeners. Another highlight of the grounds was the herd of fallow deer, that calmly grazed a few metres away from us.

We don’t often eat out at National Trust properties, but with a voucher from my birthday we had a treat; pasty/sausage roll and cheesy wedges in the restaurant. Very tasty.

I enjoyed taking photos today, there were so many things I wanted to capture! As always a selection is below.

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