#Lufbra22 Day 5 – A wedding and four traffic jams

You may notice that this blog post popped up late and is back-dated! This was at the request of the bride and groom and I was only too happy to agree with the wonderful Drew and Gemma who invited us to join them for their “finally!” big day.

It’s truly lovely to enjoy a day in stunning surroundings, with great people and excellent food. I took lots of photos but they are mainly of and for family so just a couple made the gallery below.

The venue, Wood Farm, has gorgeous vistas across the fields a smart central venue with a sweeping garden and, importantly, access for somewhere so rural was surprisingly easy!

It’s always great to meet with the wider Moss clan and this was no exception, lots of happy chatting and catching up, good music to get dancing to and the drink flowed very merrily!

Full credit to D&G for the food – very lush! Juicy kebabs and succulent sausages with salads for lunch, delicious cookies of multiple varieties stacked high and a pizza van in the evening that produced some of the finest pepperoni offerings it has been my pleasure to enjoy! The foodie in me was very satisfied – an extremely tasty day.

Sadly, the traffic wasn’t playing ball… on the way, we traversed some of the narrowest lanes since Shetland and the return journey featured lots of blue lights and a ‘car park edition’ of the M1. What should have been an hour and a half tops of driving for the day ended up being more like four and entered into the next day. Thankfully everyone involved in the accidents seems to be fine and we listened to more Harry Potter than planned! It couldn’t take the shine of such a good day.

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