#Lufbra22 Day 3 – The bells! The bells!

I’ve spent nearly half my life in the shadow of Loughborough Carillon but I cannot remember the last time I went inside. It’s a wonderful building, housing a large number of bells which burst into music twice weekly (Thursday and Sunday). As well as being a quirky visit that offers stunning views across the town, it is also a war memorial and contains a few poignant galleries to mark the sacrifice made by so many.

With it being Thursday, we headed to Loughborough Market which for the past 801 years has been taking place in the town centre. I worked on it as a teen and still love the bustle, the calls and the great prices!

A movie to end the day, we travelled out to Meridian in Leicester to catch Jurassic World Dominion, which has dropped from most cinemas already. It was a good popcorn movie, hardly the best but perfectly enjoyable, jumpy and action-packed.

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