#Lufbra22 Day 11 – Robin Hood and merry us

We headed into Nottingham today, the attraction of air-conditioned trams, a menagerie of shops and a historic castle, seemed befitting of such a hot Friday.

Firstly, the trams were superb – we parked quickly at Clifton South and breezed through to the city centre. It was simple and smooth, I would definitely use them again.

We headed up the hill to Nottingham Castle. I am a massive lover of castles… Nic is not, though she is kind enough to allow me to visit a few each year! However, even she enjoyed Nottingham Castle: the interactivity of the exhibits (especially the fantastic Robin Hood gallery with virtual archery and loads of other games) the panoramic views across the city and the varied galleries in the Georgian mansion. It’s not the cheapest of visits but we certainly had a lot of fun and it was a superb way to spend a few hours.

The rest of the (very hot) day was spent around Market Square. It was a real hustle of a city, something I’d not experienced much since before the COVID lockdowns, and it was strange but also rather familiar. We browsed a number of shops, grazed at a few eateries and took in the atmosphere. Nottingham is quite a city and provided a great day out.

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