#Lufbra22 Day 1 – In the Stowe

So begins my attempt at documenting our summer jaunt in the hope that it keeps me sharp in the arts of prose and photography. I hope you enjoy, but don’t feel pressured to!

I was always told to make a journey part of the holiday (usually by my dad on some 20 hour marathon drive across Europe) and so over the years I’ve tried to include a visit or two en-route to a destination. With the weather looking perfectly pleasant, we detoured to the well-trodden paths of Stowe.

Stowe is one of those beautiful and yet bizarre places. Gorgeous gardens, strange moments/temples and miles upon miles of walking. Every time we visit, we discover something new: we also inevitably end up with sore legs!

It’s a great National Trust location, with some truly stunning vistas, and solid facilities. I can certainly recommend it as a rest stop!

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