Heaven Super Sunday (A drama)

Calling all drama directors, teachers, and anyone looking to bring a fresh spin to your Easter Sunday program! Ditch the dusty scripts and get ready for a divine performance – with a twist!

I’ve got an Easter drama written like a classic Sky Sports “Soccer Saturday” broadcast, complete with our very own angelic commentators giving a blow-by-blow account of the greatest comeback story ever told. You can read below, or scroll down to get the free PDF.

Ready to see the ultimate underdog, Jesus, rise from the grave? Download the script below and get your Easter drama team in formation!

Based on the resurrection narratives of Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24 & John 20


Michael / Gabriel / Raph / Muriel / Daniel

Set up like a Saturday/Sunday football programme with two presenters and three pundits who are “watching” the action on monitors.

Michael                Hello and welcome to Heaven Super Sunday, I’m Angel Michael

Gabriel                 And I’m Angel Gabriel and we’ll be bringing you all the action as Jesus defeats death once and for all.

Michael                We’re joined in the studio by Raph who’s watching the tomb, Muriel watching the road to Emmaus and Daniel who is watching a secret location with the disciples.

Gabriel                 Well Michael, it’s been quite a morning already.

Michael                Yes Gabriel. First thing this morning the ground shook, the stone was rolled away by one of our team AND (pause) Jesus rose to life.

Gabriel                 Raph was watching for us

Raph                     Crazy times Gabs, the soldiers were down blinded by the light. I just don’t think they saw it coming. The two Marys arriving with spices just before dawn, were shocked by what they found and didn’t have a clue what was happening. First an angel let them know that Jesus was alive. Then, Mary spoke to a man she thought was a gardener…

Gabriel                 And it wasn’t the gardener, Raph?

Raph                     Oh no Gabs, it was Jesus. She was totally mistaken! All he had to do was say her name. She realised Jesus was back from the dead and ran back to tell the disciples in Jerusa/

Muriel                  Ohhhhhhhh!

Gabriel                 I’m sorry Raph we’re going to have to stop you there…

Michael                What’s going on, on the road to Emmaus Muriel?

Muriel                  It’s hilarious Michael. Jesus has joined two of the disciples as they walk along the road to Emmaus coming up on the wing, and they just haven’t seen its him! They are actually telling Jesus about his own death.

Gabriel                 So they have no clue its him?

Muriel                  No! They think it’s a stranger. But Jesus is explaining why everything happened to/

Daniel                   Ohhhhhhhh!

Gabriel                 Daniel? Something in Jerusalem?

Daniel                   Big miss for the disciples Gabriel! Mary and Mary ran back to tell them Jesus is alive and they don’t believe them. But Peter is off and he’s heading to the tomb as well.

Raph                     Oh! Yes, here comes Peter. He’s finding the empty tomb and is totally confused. I think he might start realising the truth of Jesus being back. It was a good move but just needed a better finish.

Muriel                  Ohhhhhhhh!

Michael                Back to Emmaus

Muriel                  They stopped for half-time and Jesus has broken out the bread and wine.

Michael                Like the last supper on Thursday?

Muriel                  Exactly like that, Mike. The disciples have been blindsided. They’ve suddenly realised its him and they are accelerating back to tell the rest of them. Amazing scenes Michael.

Michael                It certainly is Muriel. It’s exciting isn’t it Gabriel?

Gabriel                 Massively Mich/

Daniel                   (Jumping onto feet!) Ohhhhhhhh!

Michael                Daniel?

Daniel                   And Jesus is certainly alive! He’s appeared to the disciples, shown them his wounds, and even eaten some dinner! Back of the net – fantastic skill. What a move. They’ll be talking about this for thousands of years.

Gabriel                 I’m afraid that’s all we’ve got time for on Heaven Super Sunday. What an end of the season episode it’s been.

Michael                I feel like it might be the start of a new season Gabs.

Gabriel                 Indeed Michael, indeed. Goodbye.

Heaven Super Sunday © 2024 by Andrew Guilder is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International 

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