Geneva – 12 things I’m taking home

24-7 Prayer’s Euro Gathering has just finished in Geneva. Here are 12 things I’m taking from my trip…

1. It is simply stunning

Geneva is a beautiful city, the old pastel shades of the houses, the lake that dominates and the mountains that loom in the distance. It a location that demands attention and rewards exploration.

2. Public transport is free for tourists

From Geneva airport, you can get a free public transport 2-hour ticket which is time enough to navigate into the city centre. If you are staying at a Hotel you get free public transport for the duration of your stay which includes trains, buses, trams and boats across the lake.

3. You’re still going to burn a lot of shoe leather

Thanks to modern technology I know I hit 30-40k steps every day during my trip. There’s a lot to explore and if you are heading to the lake or the old parts of the city you’re going to be on a variety of surfaces and many hills. Take your most comfortable trainers!

4. It’s cheaper to buy your toberlone back in the UK

In fact, it’s not just your favourite Swiss chocolate that is going to knock a hole in your wallet. Average eat out price is £30-£50 per person and a simple ice cream by the lake is going to require a small mortgage. Thankfully I had inclusive meals otherwise this would have really caught me out.

5. You’re going to want a good map…

…or at least have a data package that you can use google maps on whilst out there! Geneva is a maze inside a labyrinth and it is near impossible to navigate without a good knowledge of where you are headed. The tourist office just outside the main train station has free basic city maps as well as some themed guides to different parts of the city.

6. Don’t miss out on the History of Science museum

Musée d’histoire des sciences is just a stone throw from the lake and features a huge variety of old scientific equipment inside and around its edge. As well as being a fascinating gem it is free to visit and well worth putting on the itinerary.

7. The Jet D’Eau isn’t always on

One of Geneva’s most famous sites is the Jet D’Eau rising up above the city, that is when it isn’t being maintained… Ah well, they’ve guaranteed a future visit from me there.

8. Most people speak fluent English

Geneva is one of the most connected cities in the world, and whilst official languages are French and German, nearly everyone speaks fluent English.

9. Geneva is the home of the reformation

Geneva’s St. Pierre Cathedral is often called Calvin’s Cathedral and it is beautiful inside and out. As part of the conference I attended, we had a multi-lingual, multi-denominational celebration and the music inside sounded phenomenal. The entrance at night is a great photo hot spot and the views across the old city to the lake pretty spectacular.

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10. Switzerland has a unique plug socket

You’re going to need to buy a specific Swiss travel plug, or a couple if you need to charge multiple devices.

11. The fondue is really strong

I didn’t expect one of my take home points to be about cheese, though being in Switzerland I should have realised it would have been. Whilst I loved the range of dairy-based products available at every meal, gruyere cheese knocked my head off. I’ll stick to the melted swiss chocolate… oh my, that was so good.

12. It is well worth visiting

I wouldn’t have visited Geneva had it not been for 24-7 Prayer’s Euro Gathering, but I’m so glad that this was the location they chose. I had an amazing time, I hope to be back one day, and would recommend it to travellers who aren’t too worried about keeping the price strings tight.

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