#Alba18 Day 6 – Much ado about puffin!

Where the small burn spreads into the sea loch, I found the mad, clever, clown’s beak of a puffin. – NORMAN MACCAIG

Amazing first day on the Isles.

First, the boat journey was the smoothest I’ve been on and I managed six hours sleep on the floor of the cinema! Having arrived and met up with the wonderful Laver family I headed over to Sumburgh Head to see the puffins. I love puffins. The beautiful colours, the adorable movements and awkward flight patterns, the smell – ok, not the smell… I took a chance to visit the Stevenson tearooms: a brew with a view indeed.

With the weather looking so glorious I took the opportunity to head to St.Ninians tombola beach via Jarlshoff (one of my favourite historical sites). Sunbathing, paddling, swimming and castle making before a trip to the farm shop for some tea. Great day!

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